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re: crankshaft oil seal questions...

I just purchased the timing belt etc. for this weekend's project, and also 
got the front crankshaft oil seal, part number 034 115 147A "crankshaft seal 
- front".
The crankshaft seal is round, black ridged hard rubber on the outside (seems 
like over brass), brown flexible rubber on the inside diameter, with a spring 
holding the inner rubber diameter taught to the crankshaft.  Cast into the 
brown rubber is: "35x48x10  FPM/ACM  Elring b  --> 2"
Is the special removal tool from Zelenda worth having, or have people been 
successful pulling it without using that tool?  I've seen people post about 
spending 2 hours pulling it with various picks, files and tools, or 
self-tapping screws...
Thanks for any advice.
chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com