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Re: Bilsteins vs BOGE

"Mik's Mail" <miktip@surfnet1.net> wrote:
> The front inserts for the CGT/4K series are what Bilstein calls an
> "inverted"
> shock design.  The chrome portion of the shock is twice the size of that
> of the Boges.  This feature alone helps the Bilsteins to give a better
> handling "feel"  and response, especially for the "nose-heavy" Audi's.

It is my perhaps mistaken understanding that the visible larger shaft of the 
Bilstein's is hollow, and there is a solid rod/piston that is within that (upper) 
shaft that is inside the bore of the lower part of the housing.  I think there is a 
cross-section picture somewhere, perhaps on the Blau website.

It could be that the main rod within the visible tube is twice the size of the 
Boge rod, I don't know.

I really like Bilsteins.  I got my fronts from RD Enterprise, and will get my 
rears from there too.

Some of you might already know that the Z71 package on Chevy 4x4's have 
Bilstein shocks, along with skid plates and oil (or tranny?) coolers and such.