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Re: Fixing 90q seats /noises

Andrei Kogan <abk@phy.duke.edu> wrote:

>Please stay in touch about your seat project. I will be doing it shortly,

It might take a while before I have the time to do this, so you might get
around to it earlier. Luckily, I don't really use the car a lot these days.

>As far as the sound from the trunk area, I have that , too ( see my
>original post on the thread) and I strongly suspect the middle muffler. I
>can hear the noise which has two different pitches from that area, and I
>believe that the muffler a) got some loose baffles inside and b) is mounted
>too close to the body of the car and hits it occasionally. WIth the
>passenger back seat off, I can feel the portion of the floor underneath it
>vibrate along with the sound.

Not on mine. The rear muffler has been welded up (I think that was to fix
loose baffles), but it still makes a noise. Loose heat shield maybe, or
another loose baffle. That can only be heard on startup, though.
>I agree completely regarding the interior of the car -- it is substantially
>noisier than our ( much older) 4000S. That car is silent inside, except for
>a really horrendous rattle in one of the doors. It drives my passengers
>nuts, but because I know what it is ( a loose door lock linckage) it
>somehow doesn't bother me. It's the stuff I cannot track down that really
>gets on my nerves.

A loose door linkage is what the trunk noise in mine sounds like- metal
hitting metal.
I strongly suspect that earlier 80/90s were built less well than later
ones, or that my car has had a very rough life.

I'll keep you posted on my noise fixes.