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Re: Help Bad Idle on 86 5kcstq

> into a parking place).  Hooked up my dwell meter(4 cyl) to the test outlet
> and got a reading of 90 degrees.  Adjusted the mixture back to 45 degrees
> and the idle returned to normal.  At this time I hooked the dwell better up
> the plug and ran a wire inside so I could keep a eye on it.  Over the next 2
> days angle on the dwell meter slowly started to read 50 degrees then 55, 60
> 65 70.  Now today after checking every thing twice the mixture will be at 45
> degrees when cold and will stay there until the car is driven.  It will then
> start to wander up.  Resetting the mixture to compensate will bring it into
> specs. for only a short time and it will wander back off the scale.  

wild guesses - your OXS is going bad or you have a nasty intermittent
vacuum leak.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT