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Re: Still waiting for payment...

>Look at yourself in the mirror.
>You never intended to pay me
>for the strut brace I sent to you.
>Some day you need to consider
>growing up.
>It would do you a world of good.
>All I can do is shake my head at
>your display of irresponsibility.

What the hell is this?
You got paid, why are you slandering me?
I sent you a check before I left for a business trip.  We discussed 
that...Have you forgotten already?
Lovely....Now I'm a target on the list....Great, Great....

A.) The brace was NOT what you told me it was.  You told me it would not 
involve any movement of parts, no drilling...Well, it will require both if 
I ever decide to put it on.

B.) It was in HORRIBLE condition: chipped and gouged to hell, I'm wary 
about slapping this thing on the car for fear it'll break under stress.

C.) You complained about waiting for payment, so I sent you a check, with a 
bit more to make you un-pissy....I don't get it...

        I was taking care of some VERY personal stuff in New York with a 
lawyer, so I was out of contact.  I trusted my secretary to send it out, 
she forgot, so I sent it out myself....I apologized, but still you try to 
make me look like a jerk on the list?

Very low...Very low....