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FS 86 5kcstq

The car is a 1986 5kcstq.  The car is in
unbelievable condition. It
is a southern car so not a bit of rust on the car. 
She is red, with
the factory paint job (I believe) which is in
excellent condition
except for some stone chips that were touched up.  I
am the second
owner and I have all records for the car.  The grey
leather is worn a
bit on the front seats, the passenger's seat is
splitting at the seams
and the driver's is doing the save with some
cracking.  She drives
amazingly!!  She has 228,000 miles (which you would
never knowwhen
driving her) and drips A LITTLE oil when parked.  A
problem I have
with the car is when it sits unused for a fewdays
the battery drains.  Everything else I can think of
works on the car. 
The car is in Georgia.



1986 5000cstq 225,000 miles
1984 5000s 76k mi *PARTS CAR* (E-MAIL IF YOU NEED ANY PARTS)

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