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New Audi 5-cylinder & TT News

The magazine in question is the April '99 issue of CAR with the Nissan
Skyline on the cover. For an Audiphile, the issue is worth looking at with a
write-up on the S3 and a comparison between the 540i and the A6 4.2.

The blurb on the TTS was indeed for a 300hp version. It is rumored to be a
2001 model if it gets approved and would could feature either the 350hp
biturbo VR6 as seen in Detroit's New Beetle RSi or a new 2.3-liter 25-valve
straight 5cylinder that is supposedly under developement. This is rumored to
be a favorite of Ferdinand Piech because by turbocharging it, VW could
revive the spirit of the original Ur-Quattro. It is possible that this new
engine could be a replacement for the current VR5 that is being sold in the
Golf in Europe.