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Re: Sound Deadening Material

In message <371C1DAE.95CDAEB@nh.ultranet.com> Huw Powell writes:

> as far as the actuall issue - little bits of felt between the plastic
> parts and each/metal; and I got some roof repair stuff at Home Quarters
> which was 6" by 30' for about $30, it was a sandwich of thin aluminum,
> with 1/8" gooey stuff in the middle, and an adhesive side.  Did the
> whole inside of my (now departed) doors with it, and it did quiet the
> car down quite a bit.  I also stuffed the compartments under the rear
> windows with fiberglass.  Don't know why...

Check out the parts microfiche/ETKA.  There are some extra sound
deadening items fitted to the 20V ur-quattro that would retro-fit
to the earlier cars.  The underside of the bonnet, for instance - I'm
sure the left and centre pieces would fit any car, though it's possible
that the right piece would foul the injector pipes.

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