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Re: Steering Rack Difficulties.. Advise

Have you clipped the zip-tie that holds that wiring harness near the passenger
side mounting? I recall having some trouble getting the end of the rack
around that wiring harness, and making it more mobile helped a lot. Took me
quite a while the first time, the second was much easier.


Janet Scruggs wrote:
> Well, I'm in it now.  While deep in process of swapping out my steering
> rack... '87 5k CSq... I'm stumped.  I have everything detached from the rack
> but can't move the right side forward enough to bring it out of the access
> port.  Is there some trick that Mr Bentley didn't share with me?  I know
> that many have done this but don't recall there being discussion of this
> type.
> I'm prepared to get physical and bring out the 'Levermaster Grande' pry bar
> but seems to me that fine German engineers and mechanics wouldn't have
> overlooked something like this.  Too, I believe that the current rack is not
> the factory one and there doesn't seem to be any paint scarring around the
> critical areas... so I must conclude there is a trick that I'm not seeing.
> Is there some magic "twist here while pulling there" maneuver that will
> extricate me from this sorry state?
> Anyone?
> Regards, Gross Scruggs


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