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OEM Alloy wheel touch-ups?

Despite washing no less than weekly, I find that my winter alloys on my
'92 S4 have chips/blemishes in the clear-coat and paint.  I see that
Eastwood has kits for polishing/painting wheels.  Does anyone have
any experience using these?  It's not worth it to me to go the pros,
since these are just going to get tortured again next winter.  My
summer wheels are another matter (but so far they're spotless).

Any tips for refinishing, and/or suggestions for protecting the wheels
better are appreciated.

Doug Haley <haleyd@yankelovich.com>
'92 Ur-S4 (6spokes winter/5 spokes summer)
'99 A4 1.8tqm (steel wheels for winter/sports rims summer)