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Re: timing belt

How does the timing mark go so far off? Made incorrectly? My old turbo had
about 1/5 of a turn off. I was told that this was not enough to cause
interference. I'll be doing my timing belt in a few weeks, so I need all
the help I canm get.

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On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Mike Mulholland wrote:

> paul W said ..line up the mark on the lower pulley with the mark on the
> timing belt cover...this does _not_ always work!! on my 5kcdtq the mark on
> the lower pulley was so far off it pointed to the centre of the idler wheel
> bolt. i verified tdc with a brass rod in the sparkplug hole of #1, the "0"
> on the flywheel, and the dimple on the camshaft. once happy that all was
> well, i marked the lower pulley correctly.
> hth
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