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No Evans,,,,,,,,,,,RE: S Car antifreeze

This post is not intended to disagree with any of your information! Just
with the Evans recommendation!

The Evans experience is a mixed bag (on this list), it works for some of our
listers (Igor, Gross) but it does not work for others, stay away from the
stuff unless you ready to buy:
A new water pump
A new radiator
A new timing belt (might as well put it in when you are replacing your water
Towing bills (overheated car)
And more......

I could go on and on with my horror story (and others) but no need, If you
want to EXPERIMENT and try it, you can, just understand that it is
potentially disastrous.............not withstanding some isolated success
Good luck and take care,

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Daniel Hussey wrote:
>     So, for summertime, I should mix more water with my coolant?

Yes. Pure water would be ideal but:
1. it does not have the built-in corrosion inhibitors.
2. it does not lubricate the water pump bearing sufficiently like the
ethylene glycol does.

>  And, what
> coolant do you reccomend.  I have the pink stuff in there now, which I got
> an imports place.  I picked up a thing of Zerex yesterday and found out it
> phosphates in it.  Don't want to use that.  I have heard some listers
> Sierra, but can't find it anywhere.  Anything else you'd reccomend?

Sierra is a Propylene Glycol based coolant. I have no personal
experience with it.

In my '89 200TQ I am running the racing Evans coolant. It is 100% pure
Propylene Glycol, totally water-free. It operates at zero pressure and
is very effective. The only downside is the price of the coolant
($27/gal), but the specs say it is good for 100 kmi of service. With its
zero pressure operation I am not worried of losing any due to a burst
hose or a leaky radiator.

The cooling sys was modified: the spouted Vanagon cap (pressure relieve
valve removed) and the secondary recovery sys (based around an expansion
tank off an Asian car) were installed.
Also, the car has the coldest thermostat I could find: 78C (Porsche 944
application) which is drilled in three places to facilitate the coolant

Judging by the unsuccessful experiments with Evans on the S cars (Larry
B. '93 S4 for one) the consensus seems to be not to do the Evans
conversion on these cars. Pity, coz I have just bought an S6 and would
love to do it.

> I guess
> the Autobahn coolant from the dealer would be best, but just wondering if
> is something out there that would increase cooling capacity.  What about
> Redline Water Wetter stuff?

I tried this product but it failed to decrease the operating t-re. What
it did however was create the brown oil-like droplets suspended in the
coolant as if the head gasket were blown. These observations coincide
with that of a few other listers. In a word - I was disappointed.

Igor Kessel
Three turbo quattros