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Timing belt tricks

E some of those bolts 
welded in so tight that  removal torque was well over 800ft/lbs.  

Removing the trans to retrieve the aluminum bits that fell into the clutch 
assembly sounds mighty risky for a timing belt change.  Beg borrow or buy the 
2084 please.  David, you are one of the lucky ones.  Recommending lucky 
increases the potential that someone just won't be as...

My .02


I believe that not using a 2084 can potentially destroy the key on the
crank timing sprocket. There is probably a fair amount of torque applied to
the key when the bolt is removed/installed  if it's not locked securely in
place by a 2084.

Last time I did the TB, I broke the 1/2" craftsman breaker bar. It handled
the job twice before. One probably needs at least  a 3/4" one .