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Re: $#^%@&*# Tire Jack!!!!!!

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From: Peter Berrevoets <peterb@mysysltd.com>
To: Daniel Hussey <dan_hussey@email.msn.com>
Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 9:11 AM
Subject: RE: $#^%@&*# Tire Jack!!!!!!

>Try loosening the nuts before you jack up the car!!!  And torque them after
>the wheels back on the ground.

Yes, I did that!  Just a slight pressure on the tire seems to send the jack
over the edge.  It starts leaning backwards.  Not very comforting feeling!

>I'find the Audi jack to be exceptionally strong. It's too bad team door
>handle and there pals weren't around the day they designed that >beasty.

Huh?!!  You must have different jack then me.  Mine is a piece of junk with
a plastic support and a very small base surface.

I'm running out to Sears and a few places and going to try to find a better
(yet still compact) tire jack.  I'll report back if I find anything.  Thanks
for the tips on the 944 jack!


>Peter B.
>1990 200TQ 10V

Wait a minute!  You have the same car as me, so you should have the same
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>> Subject: $#^%@&*# Tire Jack!!!!!!
>> Hello fellow listers,
>> Went out to my car tonight, and was about to leave the parking
>> garage when I
>> felt something wrong.  Parked the car and found I had a badly flat left
>> front tire.
>> I came back later to replace it so I could get it plugged
>> tomorow, and so I
>> pulled out the Audi tools from the trunk.  I loostened the lug bolts and
>> then I started to jack up the car (being carefull to it's proper
>> and I get it up.  I start removing one of the lug bolts and the whole car
>> almost fell over!  The jack wasn't supporting it well and it was falling
>> over.  I lowered the car, repositioned the base of the jack making sure
>> was straight and a little bit _under_ the car.  Jacked it up again, tried
>> wiggling the base to make sure it was secure.  Everything felt
>> fine untill I
>> started messing with the wheel again.  The leverage was pushing
>> the car back
>> again!  Damn piece of ^#&*@(@) jack!!!!!  I did it a third time
>> with similar
>> results.  I very frusturated as this is the 4th flat tire I've had in 6
>> months and I'd hate to actually be in a position where I'd have to rely
>> this jack.  I didn't have the courage to try to change the tire with the
>> jack that unstable.
>> I'll probably just borrow a jack stand from a friend and change
>> it tomorow.
>> But, what would happen if I were on the side of the road?  Well,
>> I'd be SOL!
>> That's what!
>> So, my question is.....  Did any of the Audi S4/S6's have a
>> better OEM jack,
>> or do they all have this bloody stupid jack too?  I looked in the trunk
>> an A4 recently and was upset to see the same ^#&@*@ tire jack in
>> the trunk!
>> Why doesn't Audi give us a decent tire jack?
>> I am looking for a new jack and have seen some of those hydrualic
>> power ones
>> that a real compact, lightweight, and can plug right into your cigarette
>> lighter!  I think that would be pretty cool, but I'm really just
>> looking for
>> a light, compact upgrade.
>> Also, how is that can of Fix-A-Flat?  I thought about just
>> carrying a can of
>> that in the trunk, but always wondered what that stuff does when
>> it stays in
>> your tire?  Would be a reasonable alternative though.  I'd like to get a
>> full size spare as well.
>> Later,
>> Dan