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Re: No Evans,,,,,,,,,,,RE: S Car antifreeze

Avi Meron decided to speak these words:

>I could go on and on with my horror story (and others) but no need, If you
>want to EXPERIMENT and try it, you can, just understand that it is
>potentially disastrous.............not withstanding some isolated success

There is also the fact that Evans has MUCH less heat transfer ability 
than standard coolant.  Is too thick for most water pumps to be able to 
flow well, and was specifically designed for the corvette originally.  
The corvette used to run too COOL, and they needed a type of coolant that 
would be able to let the car heat up MORE and they designed this kind of 

Oh yeah, there is also the fact that it is combustable around 400 
degrees.  The race cars that use it usually end up as one big fireball if 
a bit of it leaks.

Sorta makes you think about it doesnt it?


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