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Coupe now with a/c

	Hello good listers,

	Yesterday I finished installing air conditioning in
my 87.5 CGT.  I took out the crappy OEM York boat anchor and
replaced it with a nice quiet Sanden rotary unit.  A former
Audi tech directed me to Carlisle Auto Air here in San Antonio
who had a plate which adapts the factory York mount to the
Sanden.  If anyone's interested, I can supply part #s and phone
number of Carlisle.

Here's a cost estimate:

Sanden SD-5 compressor (new)			$266
mount adaptor						$ 45
receiver/dryer					$ 25
3 cans R-12						$ 51
belt							$  6

tax							$ 30
total							$423

I rebuilt all the flexible hoses with the help of a friend who
acquired the inventory (connectors, hoses, crimper, etc) from
an out of business a/c shop.  Three welds were needed to fab
the hoses which connect to the steel tubing routed under the
crankshaft pulley.  Had to modify (grinder)the adaptor plate 
slightly to allow the belt to line up properly.  The old system 
looked pretty clean, so we did'nt bother changing the expansion 
valve and flushing the system.  Evacuated system and dumped in 
three cans R-12.  Will do a leak check when I get the time.

This thing blows as cold as any a/c I've felt.  My only carp
is the blower motor noise; it's MUCH louder with a/c vs. heater.
Good thing I got those amps in the trunk.

Put about eight hours actual work into job.  Would hate to pay
a shop to do this...

Michael Hogan
87.5 CGT  Tornado red tan leather cool air

BTW - replaced some vacuum lines when I refitted the air sensor
boot.  Bonus! Car runs like it should now.  Gonna pull codes and see
if I still get errors...