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Re: $#^%@&*# Tire Jack!!!!!!

>why not just get a single jack-stand to carry in the trunk?

This past weekend, at a garage sale in my neighborhood, I saw a pair of 
*folding* jack stands ... unfortunately, they were not for sale and the 
seller didn't know where her husband had bought them.  I'm not sure I'd use 
them for anything but an emergency but they looked perfect for packing in the 
trunk along with my traveling toolkit on trips.  If anyone can give me a lead 
on where I can buy a pair, I'd appreciate it.

BTW, whenever I am forced to use the factory jack, I always slide the spare 
wheel under the car, just in case.  I've had a few close calls in the past 
and this offers at least a little extra insurance.  I also carry an 8" square 
piece of 3/4" plywood to provide a more stable surface for the jack ... 
during summers here in Arizona, it gets so hot that asphalt can soften up to 
the point where most factory jacks -- and Audi jacks especially --  will sink 
into it several inches under load.