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Re: Re[2]: door handle techniques and sympathy

Are you referring to adjusting the position of the
striking pin in the door jamb, or the lever coming out
of the "inside" (hidden by door panel) of the latch
mechanism that the connecting rod fits into?  This
"pillar" terminology is killing me.  I have the Bentley
if you want to refer to something we can both look at.

> At 05:08 PM 4/20/99 -0400, BSWANN@arinc.com wrote:
> >Is this a simple/Inexpensive Repair?  I don't believe I've seen this 
> >in any manual I have.  Do you just unbolt the pin from the pillar - 
> >somewhere back I thought I tried this only to find that there was a 
> >bolt on the other side that fell down inside the sheet metal and I was 
> >really SOL.  Maybe Audi has the bolt welded to the pillar, or I'm 
> >making this too complicated.
> there is (what should be) a captive nut in the pillar that moves ~ 1/2 inch
> up/down and left/right to allow for some adjustment.
> frank