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Re: $#^%@&*# Tire Jack!!!!!!

In a message dated 4/20/1999 caliban@sharon.net writes:

<< try a volvo jack.  they are very strong, thieves use
	them to defeat kryptonite locks. >>

Good tip, except that the Volvo jack I have (in my fiance's unmentionable 
"mommiewagon") won't work on an Audi as Volvo jacks have a hook that attaches 
to the bodywork on the car. Very solid, but equally unique.

The best and most reliable small (carry in your trunk kind) jack I have used 
is a small mechanical scissors type jack. I used to carry one in a 911 I had 
that came with no jack (thieved by a previous owner). I wouldn't trust a 
hydraulic bottle jack that has sat and bounced in the trunk of a hot car any 
more than the o.e. Audi jack (which BTW I have used on occasion with no 
problems at all).

The keep the threads greased (on the Audi jack) sounds like real good advice. 
When working in your own space a good floor type trolly jack and stands are 
essential IMO.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (with plastic jack that worked fine last time tried...)