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How to declare eurolights for customs?

Gotta problem - customs and DOT are giving me a hard time about some
non-DOT approved lights - I do know that there's a company that imports
eurolights for M-B (have their catalog; they're convinced I have a Benz)
and they list them and show them - these are NOT DOT approved lights, yet
they have them and sell them, not even an "off road use only" notation.

I think the key is what you call them (what you declare them as) - these
things ARE getting into the country, and what I need to know is exactly
how. I'm leaning toward declaring them as "unfinished component parts",
which IS kind of true, since they need an H-4 bulb (locally available *AND*
DOT approved) to be complete, but any help I can get on this will be
greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman