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RE: Ur-Q hydraulic head conversion questions...

Hey Steve and others. A friend just mailed me with this post as I 
haven't seen it because I'm not on the list-time constraints, something
fierce! During my rebuild, I was effectively trying to mate the WX head
(solid lifter) to the MC block. This would give the high rpm power and
no valve float that potentially could be possible with the MC. I wasn't
thrilled at the thought of checking clearances and readjusting of valves
with shims every 15-20k mi though. Anyway, once at the machine shop
and during the port and polish work, they struck a water jacket which
couldn't be welded up because of location. (See what happens once you
sell your fairly new MC head Steve!!!!!) To make a long story short,
they ended up buying me a used MC head and gave me a nice discount 
on all the goodies they added to it. So the new motor has an MC head.
So hopefully to answer any questions, as far as I can remember, the WX
head will bolt to the MC block but like someone else noted, the water
outlet needs to be increased on the coolant passage. 

Original message:
... this is what I believe Chad Clark did on his car ... I'll CC him on this
response so that he can confirm or deny it.  Given that the two heads are
compatible I am very interested in what you find out!  I've always wanted to
go to a knock sensor based F/TCU on my car ... but I really didn't want to
go through all the work of an engine swap for the MC.  While you're at, what
are you planning to use to drive the air supply for the shrouded injectors?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)