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Re: Wheels for CQ, again, long

I called HRE last fall about getting custom wheels made.  They have a set
that looks similar to the stock wheels and they will drill any bolt
pattern.  They were about $550 a piece and my mechanic says they are on the
heavy side.



At 9:35 AM -0800 11/16/98, Brandon Hull wrote:
>Sorry to pile on this oldest of all possible threads, but I need some advice
>on wheel sizes for the ersatz S2.  ('91 Coupe Quattro)
>My situation is as follows.  After lot's of research and debate, I'm going
>to stick with my stock hubs.  Every other alternative leads down paths too
>expensive to pursue.  However, I'm going to install my Porsche/Brembo
>calipers up front, so I need lots of spoke clearance.  Most off the shelf
>wheels won't work.  Harrison Blackwood reports needing spacers to clear his
>brembos using BBSs.  TSW hock or blade reportedly fit, as well as some
>Ronals.  However, I just don't like the patterns aesthetically.  So I'm
>exploring special build wheels, and have the following questions:
>1) what size?  I'm going with 16" rims since I live and drive in real world
>NJ.  But what width should I get?  I believe the list consensus is that 225s
>are about the widest tire that will work.  So 8" rims? or 7.5"?  I'd like to
>mount snows in winter...
>2) what offset?  The stock offset is 37mm.  Will subtracting a few mm of
>offset (moving the tires outwards) buy me any extra room?  (eg, do clearance
>problems, when they occur, happen first on the outer or inner fender?)
>Otherwise I'd just as soon not tamper with the factory geometry.
>3) Has anyone had any experience with Tecnomagnesio wheels?  They look
>fantastic by the specs:  Very light, well finished, and the design is
>perfect for big brakes.  However, when I do a web search, I find only two
>substantive results:  MiM/Speedline has bought the brand name; and in
>Australia, the sanctioning racing body has banned them for cracking.  Not
>4) Has anyone had experience with Forgelines?  Not as good looking, but also
>very light, likely very strong since they're forged, and a great spoke
>design for brakes.  But it appears to be a small company, and I don't want
>to ruin one wheel a year from now and find the company not around any more.
>Brandon Hull
>'91 ersatz S2