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To Huw, RE: Coolant

Did you see the post of Bob about distilled water? Bob is an OEM guy and has
been in the business before Jesus!
He says that OEM do not recommend distilled water!

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> Agreed, Huw, these water softeners remove Ca+2, etc., ions from water and
> replace them with an equivalent amount of Na+ ions....
> I would rather not put large (or for that matter, small) quantities of
> (NaCl) into my car's cooling system.

that was why I brought it up.  guess I didn't really finish my thought.
If your water supply is soft, use it.  If it is hard & softened, don't
use it.  If it is hard & unsoftened, either use it or get some cheap
distilled water.

*always use anti-freeze/anti boil fluid of your choice...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT