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RE: Coolant

At 09:51 PM 4/20/99 -0700, you wrote:
>And the conclusion is?
>We use, what?

What to use?  I'd recommend commercial distilled water from your local
grocery store (or from your local chemistry lab if you have free access)
mixed with a good quality phosphate free antifreeze.  I use ethylene glycol
based antifreeze.  Unless your water is really quite hard this level of
concern is probably betraying a severe retentive reaction to an otherwise
innocuous concern.  If your local tap water is reasonably soft then there
will probably be no significant problem developing from using it.  The
garden hose can be quite handy for delivering water to the engine compartment.

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>WARNING Pedant alert!  More that you ever wanted to know about soap and
>hard water.  Delete now or prepare yourself.

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