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RE: Clutch pedal "sticking"

Probably Master Cylinder or Slave.  My 90 did the same thing 5000 miles ago
or so.  As it turned out it was a bad seal in the clutch master cylinder.
The seal is a ring/cylindrical shaped piece on the plunger.  In my case, the
seal was sticking to the inside of the cylinder.  It was sticking so badly
in fact, that the seal was rolling on itself on the backstroke.  After the
toe-pull trick, I could redepress the pedal, which would physically unroll
the seal.  It would get stuck again as soon as it was fully depressed
however.  I had the local dealer service center tackle it (this was before I
found an independent Audi shop).  The clutch master cylinder on my car is
buried on the interior side of the firewall, up under the dash.  I could
barely see it, let alone work on it.  I had them change the slave cylinder
at the same time, however, because I suspect the failure of the seal was due
to old/contaminated fluid in the system from the previous owners
inattention.  My brake master cylinder failed a couple months later (same
fluid system, same seals...) so in my case, changing the slave as a
precaution was a good investment, but it's probably a do-it-yourself job
given that it's typically located on the transmission tunnel, out in the
open where you can get to it.  Hope this helps.


Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 69K mi.
Photo and details online at:

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My old 100Q has developed an annoying problem.

If I push the clutch pedal more than 1/2-3/4 of the
way down, it will stick down. Getting a toe underneath
it and pulling it halfway back up will make it pop back
just fine. Otherwise, clutch operation is normal.

Return spring? Slave cylinder?


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