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Re: Steering Rack Difficulties.. Advise

Igor Kessel wrote:
> Yes, Gross, it's precisely that: "twist here while pulling there".
> Please don't get physical. Just be patient. Have you removed the
> complete right tie rod assy beforehand?

Actually, you don't have to remove the tie rod; I didn't, though it
would've been easier to extract the rack without the tie rod in the way.

Here were my comments right after I replaced my rack last fall:

> Go get your helper, if not already there. Begin the game of getting the
> rack out through the tie rod hole in the fender well. We found that you
> must:
>         - pull the passenger's side end of the rack forward a little, 
>           then up high, and then pushing the big bunch of cables underneath it
>           (those are hard to clear)
>         - wiggle the rack from both ends until you get the pass. end out the
>           tie rod hole.
>         - rotate the rack (about its lengthwise axis) as needed to clear
>           hoses and such, till the rack is mostly out
>         - rotate the rack till the column-end is pointing down, and then tilt
>           the whole rack till it will come out the fender

It did take a while to wiggle it out, but we didn't have to pry, bend,
or cut anything. 

I've got my complete write-up of this experience, which I can forward to
you (or anyone) if you'd like. There are a few important things to do
before putting the new rack in, for instance, like attaching the tie rod
plate. (Yes, you can get the new rack in with the tie rod plate
attached.) Good luck!

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 153k