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Re: Wheels for CQ, again, long

	I Just put new wheels on the Ur-q and I went for the Compomotive 
"MO".  I think they are great looking (Very Subjective though) and where 
reasonably prices, @ $270.00 per wheel, for a "semi custom" wheel.  They will 
work with you when it comes to applications where big brakes are concerned.  
They can drill for just about any bolt circle and the have a very wide range 
of offsets available.  They are by no means the lightest things going (16" X 
8" weight in at 21LBS) but I was not prepared to spend $500-$600 each for a 
Magnesium wheel.  The only down side was the fact that it took 3 months for 
me to get them but that seems to be common when dealing with a UK based 
manufacturer.  But I have to say the the folks at Motorsports specialties 
where always quite helpful.  Good luck.

Jim Hahn

'84 Ur-q Compomotive "MO"
'87 5Ktq Fuchs