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RE: 200tq front suspension clunk

I'd be curious to hear what you find out.  My 1988 Audi 90 displays very
similar behavior.  Haven't tried the reverse method.  My clunk is audible
with the window up though.  You can hear it being transmitted through the
firewall.  Seems predominantly front right.  Almost like a dull rattle sound
every time I go over manhole covers or uneven pavement at moderate to low
speeds.  I suspect it's there at higher speeds too, I just can't hear it
through the road noise.

I've taken the car to the local Les Schwab alignment shop 3 times, and every
time it comes back with a clean bill of health, but I KNOW that noise isn't
normal.  They couldn't offer any explanation.  It's getting louder, and it's
driving me nuts!  Don't know what to do though.  I think I'm going to have
the struts replaced (due regardless) and see how it affects the clunk.  Let
me know what private replies you receive on the matter Erik.  And if anyone
on the list has an alternate theory on mine, I'd LOVE to hear it.  I don't
want to go the route of DGraber and replace every damn front end component
to no avail!  A car with 69,000 miles shouldn't have shot front end members,
but could have destroyed bushings and such from age and immobility, but I'd
think the suspension shop would have found something.  I've been down there
myself with the car on a hoist and everything "looks" ship shape.  Anyone?

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 69K mi.
Photo and details online at:

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I'm getting my 200tq out of storage next friday and sunday night I'm
driving up to BIR for the Q-Club event.  There are a few things I need
to attend to before I go, including new front tie rod ends, and also a
"clunk" in the front end.  Unfortunately, I am 350 miles from the car
till friday, so I am wondering if the list could help me diagnose this.

What happens:
When driving over some (but not all) bumps, etc, in the pavement with my
window down, I could hear a clunk/rattle in the front end.  Then I
discovered an easy way to replicated it.  If I drive at medium speed in
reverse and apply the brakes, I get one solid clunk.

What it is not:
Bad strut insert or ball joint.

Any suggestioons?  I think it must be something at the top of the strut