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Re: Wheels for CQ, again, long

Sonar465@aol.com wrote:

>         I Just put new wheels on the Ur-q and I went for the Compomotive
> "MO".  I think they are great looking (Very Subjective though) and where
> reasonably prices, @ $270.00 per wheel, for a "semi custom" wheel.  They will
> work with you when it comes to applications where big brakes are concerned.
> They can drill for just about any bolt circle and the have a very wide range
> of offsets available.  They are by no means the lightest things going (16" X
> 8" weight in at 21LBS) but I was not prepared to spend $500-$600 each for a
> Magnesium wheel.  The only down side was the fact that it took 3 months for
> me to get them but that seems to be common when dealing with a UK based
> manufacturer.  But I have to say the the folks at Motorsports specialties
> where always quite helpful.  Good luck.
> Cheers,
> Jim Hahn
> '84 Ur-q Compomotive "MO"
> '87 5Ktq Fuchs

I have just purchased 10 15x7 MO wheels for my rally Toyota. I now run GrA stud
pattern with Alcon works breaks. This combination of offset and stud pattern
exists in heads of several people in UK. Allan from Motorsport spetialties got
hold of Barry, the owner of Compomotive in UK and they researched  everything,
called all the right people and made me correct wheels. All at great price. I was
Also Compomotive wheels appear now on all mighty Hundai rally cars out of
Vermont  this rally season.

Mike Z