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Re: Help with 200T MC info please.

In message <371E1CBE.EBF6DE11@mweb.co.za> Renier Meyer writes:

> My 89 200T 10V MC engine, single knock sensor K26 turbo has been
> stripped. One of the pistons has been damaged by an object that went
> through the engine.

Piston damage is immaterial.  Is there bore damage?

> The local mechanic thinks the engine must be rebored and oversize
> pistons, rings fitted.

Your local mechanic must suspect or have seen bore damage.  Ask him.

> The local agents say NO! don't rebore, they don't even have oversize
> pistons listed for this engine.

No, they don't.  There is an error in the Mahle catalogue, and the
81.51mm oversize for the MC/MB/1B block is incorrectly listed for the
GV engine.

 Phil Payne
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