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Re: audi tech day in southern NH, USA (timing belt-a-thon, part one)

Rats... drats... darn... son-of-a-b*tch... etc.. etc.... :-(

It figures... the one (i.e. rare) weekend that I have to work ends up being the
same weekend as the first get together in a long time of any NE q-listers and
Audi fanatics!! ARGHH!! I can't believe the timing (no pun intended... ha ha
ha..). Bummer indeed.

Hopefully it will be very successful... and there'll be another sometime soon.
Keep in mind that I could hold it at my garage if we need/want to rotate this in
the future. (I'm located in Auburn, MA).

Take care. Have fun.

                     Jim Griffin
                 ICQ # 1315286
'92 Audi 100S - '87 VW Quantum Syncro

> We've bantered around the idea of a group tech session for various things,
> from basic maintenance to timing belts.  We've scheduled the first one at my
> house in Windham New Hampshire for next weekend, April 24 (extending into the
> 25th if neccessary or if there's enough people).  Time to be announced;
> probably fairly early.  There's a pizza/sub place just around the corner for
> lunch (they deliver).