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current list status

The general consensus is that you dislike the subject tag.
I'm sticking with it for the diesel@vwfans.com list (yes, I'm
branching out into the VW realm too, getting back to my roots)
but the quattro list will do without it.

I'm taking the suggestion to incorporate the X-mailing-list header line,
so everyone should be happy now.

If I've been a bit testy, I apologize - it's now 4:30am and I have a whole
1.5 hrs to finish playing with the server before I get to hop in the shower
and drive to my real job...  Thanks for the support, it's appreciated.

Other updates... I've been in contact with my former employer, and no, I
didn't leave on bad terms (in fact I put in over 60 hours last week,
when I should have been taking personal days).  I'm making arrangements to
retrieve some files from the old coimbra machine, so once I get that, the
archives will be back.

I am still planning to improve the search engine and archives interface, 
but that may take a week or two, depending on my school schedule.

Volunteers are of course still welcome to develop model-specific information
and FAQs, sort through the many quality posts I've been earmarking for that
purpose, etc.

On the graphics front, I've commissioned our own Thompson Smith to do
the new site layout and imagery, but I have to confess I'm worried about
using "audifans" after watching Porsche go after the former porschephiles
(or was it porschefans?) list.

Finances... I won't kid you that I have quite a bit of money into the site 
already.  Machine, network equipment, ISDN line, power... all this costs
money.  I'm debating the merits of allowing advertising but I'm
also considering a member support program, as well as the possibility of
housing the server at my new employer.  If I do the latter, it will be
a few months before that happens (since we're moving to a new facility)
so we have to deal with the ISDN line for now.  Keep that in mind when hitting
the web server, if you find that it is slow.

Over and out,

| Dan |