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Re: Sightings!

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999 Peter_Szalay@amat.com wrote:

> All of the cars carried manufacturers plates and had the D sticker on the back.
> They were all also fitted with several antennas and a whole bunch of diagnostic
> / performance monitoring computer equipment inside. I wanted to stick around and
> talk to the guys but I had to drive my friend home.

	Yep, it's the Audi factory team testing hot/high altitude
conditions. I have seen those cars in Denver ALOT, and when they are at
the dealers it is always funny the excuses that they make -- the most
common is that they are re-badged. (yeah, right) Go to the german Audi web
site (www.audi.de) and you will see that they are all german-spec cars. 
	I espically like the Silver/black leather A6 2.7t 6-speed. The
wheels on that car are goregous!


'86 4KQ