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door handles and sympathy

The thread that wouldn't die!  Really, I just wanted to brag
that I got this problem fixed.  As you may recall, I tried
bending my linkage around to get the door handle to push far
enough to release the latch, but it broke before I found a
good length.  I was going to get a new connecting rod at the
dealer, but I got there 5 minutes after the parts department
was supposed to close and they wouldn't sell it to me!  I
was steamed.  So I thought, why not try a hardware store for
a rod like that?  I was about to give up, and it had dawned
on me that I could find a rod at a welding supply store, but
then I saw a bunch of hooks for hanging tools on a peg board.
39 cents and some well-practiced bending later, and I had a
door that opens better than it would with the $5 dealer part,
thank you very much.  No more climbing through from the
passenger side, and I can use my knowledge to perfect the  
other doors.

Can you tell I'm pleased as punch with myself and the door?

P.S.: Is it me, or are there at least 3 Todds on this list?

Todd Hutchinson