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Re: Early CGT/4k/q: fusing the radiator & afterun (was RE: Smoking Da shes: Problem solved)

> Now this is what I was talking about last week.  Tony (or anyone), could you
> forward/repost Luis' original post?
> Hi gang,
> The smoking dash on my 4kq was caused by the fan wiring shorting together.

I dug out the info on my fiagrams from when I did it and put what I had
on my web site.

Some later models may not be supported fully... but it is a simple fix,
or should be.  An in line fuse holder at the fuse box (or even in the
wire at the fan) is all it takes.

although the web file is mostly about wiring the fan to run after the
ignition is off, the fuse goes in that same circuit... hope it helps at
least a little.

And if I catch the repost of Luis' I'll cut and splice it onto my file
too.  With his permission, anyway.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT