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Re: v1 saves the day

   I was running late last night after Bob Damato and friends popped
   by to see the 85 4kq my BIL is selling, and was tooling down the parkway.
   The V1 laser alert goes off, so I jammed on the brakes, and all 100lbs
   or so of junk in my hatch (seats down) came sliding forward into me!
   It was worth it though, as I had shed enough speed to the point where
   when clocked, I was legal (there were cars ahead of me).

   If anyone asks you if the V1 laser alert is any good, tell them YES.
   This is the second time I've seen it work.

The only remote, um, "issue" I might have is that it seems like those
blinking yellow generator-powered road-construction sign thingiebobbers
seem to set off the laser alert in my V1 -- about 10-20% of the time...