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R1 Race Tires...

Okay, _someone_ wrote something about racing tires...but I've lost the
original email.  I, knowing nothing about tires, mailed the message to a
buddy who races SCCA Solo I and II. He just finished all the research on
racing tires, and indeed almost bought a set of R1's.

So, to the lister who asked (and all those still reading) My buddy Jeremy's



To: spokes@mail.the-wire.com
Subject: R Tires...


Here's my take on all the tire stuff...your buddy...well...R1's are
still being made in 2 13" sizes, and 1 17" size...but as for all others,
they're discontinued...however...Johnson & Magwood here in Toronto have
a set of 205/55/14 old style R1's in stock...waiting to be sold...I have
my name & number & a sold sign on them currently, but I won't be picking
them up.  They go for the racer's price of $175 plus
install/balance/tax...so it's actually a bit cheaper than the
states...and that's the BFG's set price on those...but yes...they're no
longer available...as for what the guy should do...if he's on a
budget...race his tires till they're completely worn through...replace
the first dead tire with his new one, then run them all down to the
ground...so what if he has 1/2 tread left on the good one when the other
3 die???  Saves money...but if he wants to be the most competitive, and
not about cost, then definitely go with new tires...

Tire size...205/55/14 stock would be the same as 195/60/14...well
relatively the same, but I know for my Neon, in SSB & SSC, the
195/60/14's work...and this year, the 205/55/14's are legal too.
195/55/14's I'm guessing would be an illegal tire, but if he's doing
track racing, the 55's will lower his gearing which he doesn't
want...that's good for Solo II (autocrossing), but not necessarily for
any type of track racing (unless it's a slow & technical track)...195's
will make you develop better driving habits, and when moving to 205's
guarantee your times drop, but 205's are definitely faster...

As for which new tires???  The BFG G-Force R1's are definitely gonna be
the fastest and most competitive tire, but also the most expensive.  And
the quickest wear at a wear rating of 00 (which a normal touring street
tire has a rating of 300-500, and a high performance tire has a rating
of around 150, 00 is extremely high wear.  But that comes at decreased
times, and increased speeds.  The G-Force (much like the Comp TA R1's),
have the stiffest side walls, so that the car is very very
predictable...and is extremely responsive.  But when the R1's or G-Force
break's loose, it completely breaks loose...no gaining control
back...Kumho's on the other hand are much different...the V700's are
still a very very good r-compound for the money...it has much better
wear, is a much better rain tire, but is nothing in comparison to the
G-Force and old R1's...most racers describe the Kumho's as "greasy" on
the track...but they don't break back at the end...unlike the
G-Force/R1's, they progressively get greasier, much like a street tire,
where as G-Force/R1's hold like rails till the end, then break loose
entirely.  If going with a Kumho...I would have it shaved, and save it
for Autocrossing (Solo II)...right now, I am considering the Toyo
RA1's...supposedly they're the middleground between the two.  The RA1's
heat up quicker than G-Force/R1's, so they're better for autocrosing,
cost about the same as Kumho's, come in a 205/55/14, won't last as long
as Kumho's, but will last much longer than G-Force R1's...should be a
bit slower than BFG's, but faster than Kumho's...Pirelli also makes the
P-Zero C (don't know about availability & sizing).

About heat cycling...I would recommend it to everyone using high-po
tires or r-compound tires...the physics behind it just proves itself.
You can however, save your money, and run the tires say about an hour or
a bit more at highway speeds on the smoothest/cleanest roads you can
find, the set them aside for 48hrs...but Tirerack does them on a
machine, and guarantees you dirt/debris will be introduced.  It's all up
to you...I would get them professionally heat cycled, but no one in my
area does that, so I'll have to resort to driving on a clean stretch of
highway...maybe the 407...

Well...hope that helps...if you need more info, don't hesitate to ask...