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Re: [quattro] do you like the subject tag?

>I would object much less strenuously if it is positioned at the *end*
>of the subject line, at least then it doesn't chew up valuable summary
>column real estate, as in the example below, the "subject tag" pushs
>the subject off the end...ho hum...)

Hmmm... That I will drink to. For me, I can only read "do you like the
subject" from the headline above because "Re: [quattro]" ate up that
precious real-estate. And if people began to reply without actively
editing the subject line, I'll just see "Re: [quattro] (was Re:
[quattro]" and that's it.

Personally I find it an annoyance, but I could live with it. So if it has
to exist, please do it as a postfix to the subject header.

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