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RE: More Audi copies

... I think that if you look to the rest of the world you would find that
the A4 was available for some time before AoA deemed it worthy to import to
the USA.  I really doubt that Honda has spies at Audi to intentionally copy
their designs ... you would imagine that they would be more interested in
copying a European marque with a greater presence in the US.  That said ...
you can find a lot of parallels between the two companies.  Even back in
1978 when I bought my first Audi I noticed that there were a lot of
similarities between the two.  Perhaps the one that surprises me the most is
the Vigor ... there's no question who was the first with longitudinally
mounted I-5s!  I got the biggest kick over a sticker I saw in the rear
quarter window of an Acura (Honda) ... it was acknowledging four awards from
someone like JD Power with four overlapping rings spaced almost exactly the
same as the Audi emblem ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)