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following a thread

As we all know, the volume of email received from the list is
overwhelming at times.
Here is my solution.

I transfer messages into another folder and sort them alphabetically by
subject line.  Then I group them "a-g", "h-o", "p-z" and subjects
starting with a number.  Then, when the folder is full (1000 messages on
Juno), I sort them alphabetically by subject
again.  This groups all of the messages by thread so I can delete a whole
thread if it's not of interest to me.  If it is of interest, I can move
the whole thread into a folder (by topic) to view later.  This presents a
problem when people modify the subject line in the middle of a thread. 
It is also a problem when the topic changes and the subject line doesn't.

I am sending this a few times with different subject lines so hopefully
all who can benefit from it will get a chance to read it.  For the rest
of you, I apologize for cluttering your mailboxes.

Paul Anderson:
Any direct correspondence, please put my name in the subject line so I
don't miss it.
Please send any direct mail to my private address as I don't keep up with
the list very well.
 Private email AndersonPaul@juno.com

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