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Re: 200q air box

Hi Don;
    There is no easy way to change the air filter.
    As you have noted, when you undo all the clips and loosen the box, there is not enough room to remove the filter.
    I remove the intake snorkel on the box to get a little more room and fold the pleats in the old filter down to slide it out of the box. Installation, in traditional Bentley fashion, is the reverse of removal. It's a good thing these filters are flexible!
    I have noted some other listers remove the right headlight, some take half the CIS system apart, but I've managed to change air filters without resorting to these extreme measures. I do find it the most aggravating routine maintenance job on the car, though.
Fred Munro
'91 200q  273k km
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what is the easy way to change the air filter.  i get all the clips
undone and loosen box, but still does not seem to be enough
room between air box and engine block to get air filter out.
appreciate any BTDT...
1990 200q