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Re: v1 saves the day

   not sure if you are joking or not...  you realize that those things are loaded
   up with radar (and i assume, now laser) in order to slow people down?  classic
   spot on east coast is maine turnpike going north from NH to Portland - always a
   few of them with radar on all the time, your detector just keeps blipping for
   miles and miles - but then you start ignoring it and discover there's a real cop
   on that stretch too - DOH!...

Nope, not joking. It was "laser" (three-horiz-bar alert with wheedle-
wheedle sound), not radar. And it only happens sometimes/occasionally,
on the same set of construction/lights.

It was just an observation.

Nice thing about V1 -- it gives you a _count_ of radar sources. One
spot on Rt 3 it normally has 3 sources; one day it had 4 -- and lo,
there was a cop there too!