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NE tech day

I just wanted to thanks all of the Audi peoples who helped me and made
yesterday possible.  Thank you especially to the Miller family and their
driveway/lawn.  My rotors are working beautifully although it was an
interesting ride back to Burlington.  Car has mild stability problems
now and I managed to hit something extremely large on the highway going
85 mph, rather scary as I was unable to avoid it, making the car jump
about 3 feet into the air.  I figured maybe a flat tire, bent
steering/suspension components, but nothing that is very visible as of
yet(knock on wood).  The car has a real shimmy and shake above 55 mph,
but when I am accelerating on the highway there is no shaking, once I
keep a constant speed the shaking comes back?  Maybe it's my tires or
the struts?  Anyone have an idea?
    Enough about my car, hope all of those projects got completed and
worked(Huw's car).  Thank you all again for the help and a good time.

Keep on truckin,
Alexander van Gerbig
The Audi 80 Pages