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Re: A4 Leatherette/Leather/Cloth Prefs?

> The leather in the 2.8 is really nice, though....you can actually smell it
> *outside* of the car!
Yes, you can, but only when the car is new.  I think it smells great :)
After about a week or 2 it is gone.
 But IMHO, it's not worth the extra $$$.  Furthermore,
> the extra $$$ for the 2.8 isn't worth giving up all of the wonderful
> performance upgrade paths that are available for the 1.8T.
They are there for 2.8, just a tad more costly.  I will be getting the
supercharger for my car to the tune of slightly more than $4k, but then I
will have 280hp and 262lbs of torque :)   all at a moderate 5.5 lbs of boost
with no turbo lag.