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5kt cam in n/a engine report

Now that I've messed around with tuning it a bit we can ignore the way
it couldn't go uphill in fifth last night...

so far it seems to be a good thing to have done...

starting is more eager, although time will tell on that score
throttle response better, depending on rpm
I've rescued my low end torque witht he tuning, seems about the same
mid band power feels a little better, oops, no I mean more like 10% or
something (3k-5k)
and at the top end it is much smoother and keps pulling til the red
line, where there didn't seem much point in going over 5.5k before.

I'll measure what the timing is set at after dark.  Still fiddling with
the static mixture.


Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT