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Re: Comp Tires, BMWCCA School with the GT

You must be _VERY_ talented to pass an M3 on the straight.
Guess their power was overwhelmed by your traction, huh???

 - Doug (happy to know that traction overwhelms power)
:Well, I did!  Awesome.  Ok, so not only did I have the oldest car in my
:group, I had one of two without ABS, (other Honda Civic Si, late 80's race
:car).  I also had an average of 120 hp less than the other cars in the
: However, hold your breath - it was raining.  I went out first session on
:street tires, and it was horrible.  I had no choice, I switched to the
:A008R's that were shaved.  I figured that if anything, they would only be
:same, as it was raining pretty hard and there was standing water on the
:track.  But alas, my car was too sexy.  I went out and was immediatly on
:ass of several new M3's, none of whom would allow me to pass on the
:as they were supposed to.  The car handled absolutly wonderful, with
:predictable but extremely managable understeer and tons of grip for the
:conditions.  A guy walked up to me at the end and said "You were really
:driving well out there"  His friend had the civic, and had the same
problem -
:no one would let him pass even though we were CLEARLY faster through the
:course.  3rd session - lined up 4th, behind the civic.  We immediatly got
:behind 2 M3's (e36's) and were all over them through Big bend, the esses,
:the hill, west bend, and down the hill.  The civic moved out to pass the
:first car, and I stuck with him.  We passed both M3's on the straight, and
:then let out.  We ended up passing about 15 cars in all, no one passed us.
:He made a late pass on the straight, so he got away from me, but he was
:pulling a little on the straight and not at all in corners.  I was VERY
:happy.  4th session, I lined up first, and I passed just about every car in
:the session, except the civic and a E30 M3, which started directly behind
:and was about 1/4 lap ahead at the end.  This included: 5 M3's, 1 540i, 2
:325's, an M coupe, an M5, and a few others.  A 325i spun right in front of
:out of Big Bend, kind of a scary event.  All in all, I was very impressed
:with the car.  It never stopped raining.  Front straight speed was about 85
:mph, but I never got a good run off the downhill.  I must have heard "Yeah,
:but it's a turbo quattro coupe" five times, to which I responded "Nope,
:a 2wd 115hp coupe GT."  Which was usually met by the responce "Oh.  Well,
:it's raining."
:Well, a bunch of M3's saw an audi in their mirrors flashing to pass a bunch
:of times, something that won't happen again for quite some time.  I more
:held my own, and got complimented on my good driving several times.  Now,
:let's hope they move me up a class.
:Sorry for length!
:Carter J
:Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 11:08:06 EDT
:From: Kwattro@aol.com
:Subject: Re: an UrQ can power oversteer?
:In a message dated 99-04-22 07:02:09 EDT, you write:
:<< I swear, it is noisy as hell right now without all that stuff, but with
: the way it handles, im not putting anything back in for a long time....
: jsut wanted to let you all know... :o)
: night >>
:Several times, with bald tires in the right conditions, I got the 4000Q to
:power oversteer breifly in the wet.  Of course, with 50 more hp, it would
:easier :-)
:Carter J