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Re: NE tech day report!


The pictures are unbelievably clear and sharp!

My favorite ?

2_heads_better.jpg :-)
Joe Fritz if your reading this,  I believe we need to replace another
breather hose.  I was so inspired working on your V8 5 speed,  ok it wasn't 
so much inspiration as the inlaws where over... as soon as they arrived I 
dissapeared into the garage....  washed the wife's 91 V8,  they still here... 
ok, then we wazed it, still here huh...allrighty,  started scrubbing the BBS
wheels with WD40 and a toothbrush to get all the old wheel weight glue off.....,
geez still here...  ok what next.....oh yeah breather hoses.... I pulled
off the air cleaner....  gonna need a new filter... I found not only the 
head_2_head breather hose looking kinda nasty, but the smaller one that goes 
from the rear of the drivers head down to the intake manifold in 3 pieces 
with at least 8 cracks in it....  This one is hidden by the air filter tray 
that the filter sit's on.

I did the unthinkable and used engine degreaser to clean it up, then
pieced it together with black electrical tape till the new hose arrives :-)

Why black electrical tape ? couldn't find the duct tape....

Sorry I couldn't make day 2 Chris, but the inlaws where over sunday....
Boy I wish I could have made day 2...

Did everybodies Audi leave under it's own power ?


Mike L.
91 V8 (looking mighty nice :-)
90 V8 (Hope the inlaws come over next week, my car needs a detail...)

P.S. Chris thank you and thank your wife for being such a sport and having
     so many Audi fanatic enthusiasts over!!
P.P.S. Can't believe we had walk-in....  cool.  I'm thinkin you just made 
       friends with the V8 owner up the street too :-)  He was drolling over
       Joe's 5 speed...

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