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NH tech day

Let me be the first to second that, Huw!  Chris Miller is truly a saint
among men, not to mention his wife, who kept the coffee on for all of a
very chilly morning.

I arrived around 9:00 or so and already Chris's driveway and front yard
were full; I think 13 cars showed up eventually (not counting that CRV).
I didn't have any work to do actually, mine's still under warranty, so
just came to observe (OK, kibbitz).

It sure was instructive to see what you can do to a car with such
simple tools.  Before last Saturday, I wouldn't have dreamed of taking
a bumper off-- but it doesn't seem such a big deal after all, now.

Much socializing went on all day, as you would expect, and nobody made
fun of my stock A4, which you *wouldn't* expect, would you?  I was sorry
to leave after the pizza, but it looked like things were going to go
pretty late and I had things to do Sunday.  I'm glad to hear everyone's
car actually ran afterwards.  I'm especially glad to hear that the new
cam seems to work in Huw's powder coated stereo system.  It doesn't
sound like he had the h.p. available to crank it up on the way home, but
that'll change I'm sure.

One other thing I learned-- I need a torque wrench.  Turns out you gotta
torque the wheel lugs to 90 ft-lb... well, how was I to know?  So, I drove
over to Sears to price 'em and they carry two that appear good: a 5-80 ft-lb
one for $90 and a 25-250 ft-lb for $100.  I'm leaning toward the smaller
one and just torquing the lugs a bit under-spec.  Is there any reason to
get the larger one?  all advice appreciated....

Thanks to all, and especially to our esteemed host!

Douglas Frank  Compaq Computer Corp. -- "Flexibility through Vacillation"
ZKO            110 Spit Brook Rd.
DTN 264-0501   Nashua, NH  USA  03062-2711