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RE: NE tech day report!

	Do I get an award for the nastiest Timing Belt that was still
working? I guess a non-spinning idler pulley can be a problem.

	I *really* appreciate all the help and coaching on Saturday and
Sunday(2:00 AM!). Since this was my first Q-List event, I know faces and
names, but can't make all the dotted lines. So, thank you all, especially
Chris for hosting the Audi Gala Ball. It was nice to see so many Audis in
good condition (as opposed to Autobahn; no offense Mr. Semple).

	I'd like to propose a "Faces of the Q-List" section, perhaps on the
new server. Just a picture and a quick by-line, nothing about current cars
so Dan isn't flooded with "It's dead/crushed/sold, please change the
caption." Subject to opinion, final word by Mr. Simoes.

	I'll let you know on any developments on my "4KQ non-interference
front end" plans =)

Jon Polletta

87 Audi 4000CS quattro