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V8 breather hoses/Air Filter ($12.75) - All V8 owners read!

If you haven't checked you breather hoses recently I'd recommend
ya do so know :-)

During the Tech Day we found 2 V8's with badly corroded hoses as in
open splits and cracks in the breather hoses.

This was found on a 90 V8 5 speed with I'm guessing just under 100k
and my wife's 91 V8 with 119k.

On the 5 speed it was dumping code 2413 (Foreign Air between cat and
Air Mass Sensor)

Unfortunately on the 91 the jumper setup is different and I couldnt
dump the codes :-(

But a visual confirmed that they where both nasty....

I just ordered them from Mack at Clair Parts express 800-354-5100

Head to Head Breather hose	Part No. 077103221	39.10
Head (Driver's side) to intake	Part No. 077103221B	15.51
Air Filter (After Market)	V8 After Market filter	12.75

On the wife's 91 she's been leaking a few drops of oil at night,
I'm fairly sure this is what it is...

It also smelled of burnt oil after driving for 10 minutes or so...


Mike L.
90 V8
91 V8

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